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​The forum seeks to identify and transform the role of women within the organisation. Further creating a space that encourages women to be vocal on addressing issues that are an obstacle to their progress in the workplace and careers. Offering women a platform to drive relevant dialogue and harness a culture of unity is pivotal to aligning to the national agenda of promoting gender equality.

The steel industry is an integral component to various sectors, which is an opportunity for women to play a key role in driving change in the industry.

The forum sets out to achieve the following:

  • Promote women equality within the organisation
  • Empower female employees to develop and cultivate their skills
  • Highlight the advancement and phenomenal work of women within the organisation
  • Positioning Scaw Metals women as specialists within the steel industry

The success of the Women's Forum is seen through the proactive approach of addressing issues in detail, actively involving women to take part in the platform and creating woman's empowerment initiatives within the organisation.