Scaw Metals Group


Steel is 100% recyclable and is indeed the most recycled material on the globe. Every new steel product contains recycled steel and in some countries the recycling rate is as high as 85%. Scaw Metals Germiston produces in excess of half-a-million tonnes of liquid steel each year using recycled steel scrap and directly reduced iron from its rotary kilns. Scaw Metals’ Scrap Processing Division (SPD) operates three sites in the Germiston area.

SPD purchases both processed and unprocessed scrap. Scaw operates the largest scrap shredder in Africa as part of its processing facilities and serves as the distribution point for processed scrap products used in Scaw Metals’ melting operations.

Scaw utilises its Rand Scrap and Leo Scrap businesses to offer a collection and service to scrap generators and purchase scrap from the general public. Both these sites utilise scrap processing equipment feeding the output to SPD.

SPD product excess to Scaw Metals' requirements may be made available to the open market.​


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