Scaw Metals Group

Scaw Metals has had occupational health clinics at all of its South African operations for many years. Presently, Prime Cure Wellness, is managing most of these clinics. The Union Junction facility is managed by a Business Unit Manager, three Occupational Health Practitioners, six registered nurses, an Occupational Medical Practitioner, a Radiologist, General Practitioner, and 8 full time paramedics. It also offers onsite services of a clinical psychologist and an Optometrist. Both the Union Junction and Steel Wire Rope clinics are open 24-hours-a-day and provide occupational health care and monitoring of employee health according to the Medical Surveillance requirements. This includes taking x-rays and doing physical, audio, spiro and biological monitoring.

We also provide primary health care for minor ailments, and chronic monitoring and medication for hypertension, diabetes, asthma and epilepsy. We treat Injury on Duty cases, manage a Wellness Clinic that provides, amongst other things, HIV testing, counselling and ARV medication. The Union Junction site has a Netcare 911 24-hours-a-day paramedic response team providing a host of services including rescues from heights, confined spaces and dams, as well as treatment of injuries.​​​​

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