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As a manufacturer of value-added steel products from steel scrap and directly reduced iron, Scaw is a member of one of the world's most sustainable industries. Steel is 100% recyclable and is indeed the most recycled material on the planet. Every new steel product contains recycled steel and in some countries the recycled rate is as high as 85%. Scaw procures and processes its own steel scrap requirements. 

The group is mindful of the impact of global warming and the pressing need to conserve finite resources. Scaw maintains control of the resources it uses to manufacture its range of steel products by setting targets for natural resource consumption. Energy consumption and water use per tonne of steel produced are being reduced where possible throughout the group year on year. As part of its Environmental Management system, Scaw aims to continuously improve its operations to reduce environmental impacts. Most of Scaw's operations are ISO 14001 certified. Scaw is in the process of implementing a standard which will apply to those sites that do not have the ISO 14001 certification to set minimum requirements. 

Scaw is investigating​ in a number of environmental projects to reduce the impacts from its activities e.g. the co-generation project at the DRI which looks at generating electricity from the off-gases from the kiln, and the waste recycling project that looks at recycling slag that is generated at the melt shops.  Investigations continue into the re-use of other waste streams and Biodiversity projects - Scaw has undertaken exercises to identify and remove alien vegetation species on its sites. 

Stakeholder communication – For the Union Junction site an environmental stakeholder forum meeting is held on an annual basis. Stakeholders invited include local residents, authorities and Councillors.​​​


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