Scaw Metals Group

The Scaw Metals Group applies the good citizenship business principles to all its decisions and actions. Wherever it operates in the world, Scaw Metals Group strives to adhere to consistently high standards of business integrity and ethics. 

The company believes it is possible and desirable to provide strong investor returns to shareholders and deliver long-term, sustainable benefits to the communities where it operates. Honouring social and environmental responsibilities as a corporate citizen goes hand-in-hand with managing a successful business. 

Scaw sets out to attract, develop and retain the best people – people who work to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. Safety is its first priority and one of the company's core values and it strives to achieve zero harm to employees and contractors. The company is committed to combating unfair discrimination and to promoting opportunities for workers from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The company communicates its Business Principles widely and incorporates them into new contracts with suppliers, letters of appointment and induction training for new employees, and ongoing internal communication with employees.​

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